Sunday, March 25, 2012


Making progress on my "Letter Loved" Journal. 

For those of you not following, this is an online course I have been taking with Joanne Sharpe. The final assignment is to create a journal using various techniques we learned in our class. I am using a collection of my favorite quotes as the theme. 
To create emphasis on the key words of the quote, I am cutting the word out of contrasting painted papers. In addition, I am also using a black copic brush pen for the cast shadow, as well as a bic correction pen for the highlights. 
The rest of the quote is written directly on the painted paper with a black pitt pen and highlighted with a white gel roller pen. 
2 page spread as you open the journal

"your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions"-Albert Einstein
"Live with Passion"- Tony Robbins
              "Be the change you wish to see in the World"- Ghandi

The text box for "change" was cut out of a separate painted paper, lettered on, then glued onto background page. The rectangle was then outlined with black to create further emphasis for the word. All other words were written directly onto the painted page. good.


  1. HOME AT LAST!!! Now maybe I can leave a comment...I couldn't before because it makes you choose a profile and since I was on someone else's computer it would only let me use THEIR id and password ???

    Anyway, anyway! I am SO EXCITED to see you here at last! I'm about to read all that you have so far and can't wait for more :-).

    One thing you MIGHT want to do, maybe, maybe not.... is add an "email" option. I almost never look at my list of new posts of people I "follow", just because its kind of a pain to I rarely do...but I read everyone's blog that gets emailed to me.

    It is under "Template"/"Add a Gadget"/"Follow By Email". You can still tell how many people do that but it is BURIED DEEP... I actually have more email followers than the normal kind. Something to think about.

    OK GIRL! Off to read you blog!

  2. OK! Just forget all that mess I wrote about email stuff...Yahoo has done that work for ya! Either that's a brand new feature or I have completely missed it! I have never seen that "options" button before!
    "Excuse the ring"

  3. Hey Girl!
    Just wanted to let you know I "pinned" one of your pictures in hopes of getting you some traffic. If you aren't on pinterest yet, that is another MUST DO! I'll send you an invite.

  4. hey nancy...welcome back...i saw all of your great pics from michigan. what a beautiful trip. thanks for your comments and checking out my blog. now i got your pics from your trip via email. I'm not sure if you get my stuff that way or not. but i'll be sure to look into it. thanks for all the suggestions.
    got a few more pages done today....but it's just been crazy for me: 4 art shows, grades are due, new marking period started and tons of paper work. so i have let my blogging duties slide a bit. hopefully soon though I'll be able to post a few more pics of my journal....making more 4 more pages done today.
    thanks again...always great hearing from you. you know, you're my biggest cheerleader! yay!!!!!!!

  5. Hey Rappy,
    I am just now starting to play with the blog again. May I put you on as a link? Hope all is well. Elaine

  6. I would love for you to put me on as a link...that would be awesome! I am so happy we are doing this adventure together and that we truly inspire each other! thanks. Linda