Tuesday, March 20, 2012

paint scraping with layered stencils

Happy Tuesday everyone! I may start calling this segment "Technique Tuesdays"..
Today's mini tutorial will be on "paint scraping with layered stencils" that I have mentioned on my flickr postings. Hopefully with added photos it will be easier to understand. 
Step 1: Select 3 colors (works best with "analogous" colors=3colors next to each other on the color wheel- will prevent the "muddiness" created when mixing some colors) of acrylic paint. Squirt them randomly around the paper. 

Step 2: get a piece of some cardboard or an old credit card to use as a scraping tool.
Step 3: Use this cardboard in a back and forth motion over top of the paint...scraping it in all directions. *Don't over work it, colors blend too much and lose the cool effect. 
Step 4: Continue until the entire paper is covered to your liking. 
 (sorry, forgot to take a picture of the warm color scheme I had started above...oops!)
Please NOTE: This is how I did the papers for the "Dream Garden- Eric Carle inspiration" piece. I just cut out the painted papers I made this way!!!! sooooo easy!

If interested in taking it a step further......and make it look even "cooler"- if you can only imagine......
Step 5: Select a stencil and lay on top of the DRIED painted paper. Use a contrasting color and sponge paint with acrylic paint.
 Step 6: Carefully remove the stencil...and WAHLAAA! It looks GREAT!!!!! HOLLA!!!
(ok, so I got a little carried away. I'm just saying....you will love love LOVE this. So give it a whirl! Not that you need another addiction.....but you will seriously find it hard to stop! - See, this is why I'm STILL trying to put my letter loved journal together! lol.....well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Your blog is rockin, sista!! I look forward to seeing your new posts. Keep it up, my friend...I love the pix of you.

    1. awwwww, thanks so much! It still has a long way to go to even come close to so many others I'm admiring! But like everything, it takes time to learn and apply. But I'll keep pluggin away!
      thanks for nice comment about my pix too.....so very kind!

  2. So gonna do! Still have no stencils but will definitely do the background technique. THANK YA!

  3. the backgrounds look so cool you may not even need stencils. it's just so much fun. it looks great too if you spray some ink or liquid watercolor over it when it's dry.....hey, just had an idea.....you can always cut shapes or something out of paper, lay them down on top then spray over them....like a mask....have fun...this is seriously addicting.....enjoy1