Wednesday, April 25, 2012

...finally back up and running (heavy sigh)

Well, I can now finally "celebrate"....I am finally back up and running!!!!!!! I have been trying to post since the beginning of April and got the boot from my blogspot for some unknown reason. But low and behold, my fabulous and amazing friend Elaine walked me through it...helped me trouble shoot my way through it....and BAM.....back in action baby!!! whoot whoot!

Above is a little piece I recently completed in my online lettering class "Artful Alphabets" with Joanne Sharpe. I will post many more pieces later this week. But I just have to tell you....if you are looking to take a fun, enjoyable, informative...did I mention FUN class......THIS is the class for you!!! It's my 2nd online class with her and it's just so much fun. It's all self paced, video or pdf style set work to flickr and facebook...and chat away. It is truly alot of fun! Our group is hysterical and so encouraging.....seriously, if you are thinking about taking an online class to test the waters...THIS IS IT!

This is her follow up class to "Letter Love 101"....AND she has yet a NEW class on "color" coming this summer. Just head on over to whimspirations and check her out. When I figure out how to actually attach a link...I'll be sure to do that!

This weekend I'm taking a seminar "Art Biz Lift" with Alyson Stanfield. I am really looking forward to learning how to take my hobby to a profitable career. Just thinking ahead....only 8 more years until I can retire from I need something to keep me off the streets and still be able to afford art supplies. So be sure to check her out as well......(again, will add links when I can figure it all out).

Ok my lovelies....I'm off to bed to read the 3rd book of the very naughty and steamy "50 shades of grey" trilogy. ( HIGHLY recommended, BTW). For those of you that are a bit "challenged" in making it through some of the parts....hang in really unravels nicely and turns out to be quite good! So put your big girl panties on.....grab a martini or a pair of handcuffs....and enjoy! Laters, LOL.


Finally finished the 2nd half of an alphabet I had started before Christmas. 

Apparently I had forgotten the "N" Had to add it after the fact. Photo quality in M-Z rather poor. Will need to re do in better light with my camera and not my iphone....but ya know, I sometimes just get so excited when I complete a work of art that I can't wait to share it! Getting ready for Joanne Sharpe's "Artful Alphabet" class starting in a few days! Can't wait.....miss my friends from Letter Love class! smooches!

 A few better shots close up....enjoy

Monday, April 2, 2012

a few more quotes for my journal

Just a few more pages of quotes to add to my journal. Haven't had much time lately to keep up on everything. So in the meantime...enjoy. thanks for stopping by. 

text box for "success and belief" were cut out of scraps of painted paper sprayed with blick liquid watercolors. Lettering done with black pitt brush pen. Highlights done with white gel pen. Background paper had been painted by scraping acrylic paint around with cardboard...then dot stencils were sponge painted with acrylic paint. Rest of the quote was written directly onto the painted paper using a prismacolor black marker thin tip. "Size" outlined with white gel pen (sakura gel roller).

Pitt Pen brush directly on painted page. White Sakura Gel Roll pen for white grey copic for shadow.

"creativity" cut out of separate painted paper and glued down. Shadow added with black copic brush pen. Highlights added with Bic correction pen. Remaining lettering written directly on the page with black prismacolor marker. Highlight with white gel pen.

Base lines for writing were thin strips cut from scraps of painted paper and glued down All black lettering done with black pitt brush pen. Highlights done with white gel pen. sakura moonlight pens were used to add colored outlines around "future", Believe, Beauty and Dreams". Aqua Souffle pen used to make swirls inside "future".  (sadly not my favorite page....poor quality of picture too...hope to get better at photography too!)