Saturday, March 17, 2012

Channeling Eric Carle....

 Channeling Eric Carle today. 
Loooooooove his work!!! 
"Dream Garden" by Linda K. Rapchak

 So I'm still working on my assignments for my Letter Love online class. This lesson was to use my sprayed/painted paper in strips for my text. Since I had all of this fabulous painted papers my students had done as practice (but only 4x4 1/2 in size), I wanted to use them. I cut them to be the same size (3x4 1/2) then mounted them on black cardstock. Using a black brush pitt pen I wrote a word in each box. I then used a white sharpie paint pen (fine) to add highlights and a pattern around the black frames. 

Once the text boxes were done ( I put them off to the side to dry) I had to decide on a color for the background that would make them pop. So I took several shades of blue acrylic paints...squirted them randomly around the page, then scraped them with an old credit card. Once blow dried, I then sprayed some turquoise alcohol ink for a bit more texture. 

 Using a variety of different sized circle punches, I started making all these great circles from other painted papers and placed them randomly around the page. Sadly, the circles were not enough to make the page feel "complete". 

That's when the Eric Carle inspiration hit me like a ton of bricks! The next thing I know....I have all of these wonderful insects crawling across the page!

To tie it all together, I turned some circles into swirls.....




 Then cut various sized leaves from painted green paper, and added veins to the leaves with a dark green metallic gel roller pen and white sharpie. Placing the leaves around the edge of the paper frames the page nicely. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. Now go and grown your own "Dream Garden".


  1. I love this page! Really wonderful textures and the background does make the text pop! Great job channeling Eric Carle and great job all around!

    1. thanks so much Cheryl. It was a lot of fun! ...and so totally different than the idea I had in my head! lol. Sometimes things turn out so much better than we can imagine for ourselves!

  2. These insects and leaves really add to the piece. I love how the words pop with the blcak framing. Great piece, Linda. I'm so happy to see your blog up and running. Thanks for the continued inspiration.

  3. thanks was fun!! thanks for the lovely comments on my blog! I was very nervous starting the thing....hope I can keep it updated!!thanks again for stopping by!