Saturday, March 24, 2012

Letter Loved Journal

Finally.....assembled my Letter Loved Journal!!!!! Major accomplishment! It has been on my To Do List since February! So far....I'm pleased with the cover and pages. Now I just have to fill it with LOVE. More will be added as I progress!  How many more days until "Artful Alphabets" start? Better get a move on! Enjoy the pictures!
A combination of lettering written directly on the cover and some cut out .
"Letter" was written directly on the journal cover using the black Copic brush tip. Red-Violet Copic was used for the shadow around the letters, and a bic correction pen was used for the highlights.
"Loved" was cut out and glued to the cover. Black Copic brush tip was used to outline and add cast shadow. And the bic correction pen was used for highlights.
Not wanting my Name to overshadow, I simply cut out a scrap piece of black cardstock and wrote my name with the sharpie white poster pen.


  1. I have got such letter envy!!! LOVE! LOVE!!!

  2. thanks're so kind!

  3. Beautiful bold color and patterns! Vicki Robison