Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Art Journal Play Day...

" Fun With Friends" definitely describes today's Art Journal Play Day. I got together today with two lovely friends....one who's been doing art journaling with me for a while...and the other, our newbie friend- who has seen our art journals but has never done it before. 

So today was a fun day to introduce her to the joys of Art Journaling and all the yummy art supplies that go along with it!

Once we set up the table with all of our wonderful 
supplies, we were ready to jump right in! We started with baby steps to get our "newbie's" feet wet. Just applying a base coat of color was the mission. Using water soluble crayons and oil pastels was first. Keeping in mind that the goal is to just play and have fun, with no "outcome" in mind is KEY. 

We also scraped acrylic paints with credit cards to easily cover the background too. Ohhh the fun we had! 

Next was stenciling to create the next layer. Waaaay too much fun there! lol. And then "collaging" papers and stamping was added. The best thing about today was just enjoying each others company while creating. Spending time with each other, forging deeper friendships and of course, laughing a lot was the best end result!

Oh, and did I mention yummy snacks and lunch to provide a nice little break to recharge our creativity? Such a delightful afternoon. I highly encourage you to get together with someone and have an "Art Journal Play Day" as soon as possible! Enjoy!

 If you are in the area (Rehoboth Beach, Lewes, Milton, Delaware) and are interested in learning more about Art Journaling....stay tuned for some very FUN upcoming news! Oh the fun YOU can have too! (just sayin'!!!!!!!!!)

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