Sunday, May 13, 2012

Dewey Beach Arts Fest 2012

My fabulous Art colleague Kelly has worked so hard this year making the first annual Dewey Beach Arts Festival happen. She graciously extended an invitation for my students art work to be on here are some pictures I took yesterday. Enjoy! I am so very proud of my students. I have a few more pictures to display, but they include actual photos of the student in their artwork, and without previous parental permission, I do not feel comfortable showing them....but just so you know...they totally ROCK too!



  1. Hey Linda, the pisces style fish and the pink zebra striped fish, both with a tie-dye looking background- what technique is that?

    Very graphic and eye-appealing!


  2. both were done by drawing first with black glue......dry overnight....then using liquid watercolors.....insides were done with a light color fist, while still wet add a bit of a dark color around the edge...the outside was done by wetting the paper first...then dabbing on a light color as you lifted the paper off the table holding it vertically so it would run and drip on the newspaper below.....while still wet and drippy....add a touch of darker shade along the edge of the black glue...still lifting and dripping. This is called the wet on wet technique and definitely has a tie dye effect. After all was dry, and very hard to see in the photos (sorry)...the students wrote a story about their creature.....and wrote it following the contour (shape) of the creature....creating more emphasis around the creature. this turned the text into a line element. so fun!